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Tips For Healthy Hair To Stay Healthy, Strong, and Shiny

Tips For Healthy Hair - Women with perfect hair definitely makes the heart envy. What are they doing to keep hair shiny, strong and elegant?

Here's tips to ...

how to get healthy hair
how to get healthy hair?

Tips 1: Shampoo Moderation

Many women say that they shampoo and conditioner to give hair 2-3 times a week.

Maybe you think to get the perfect hair then it should be frequent shampooing and give conditioner. Apparently not.

Excessive shampooing it will make the hair become dry. Conversely, if infrequent shampooing, the hair will look messy and greasy.

So, to get the perfect hair without being too oily or dry, just wash it 2-3 times a week.

Tips 2: Change Product

The survey results indicate that many women with beautiful hair who say that they are constantly changing hair shampoo and conditioner that are not only familiar with the same product.

They replace the shampoo and conditioner regularly. Surely this must be adapted to the conditions and type of hair.

Tips 3: Frequent Combing Hair

Surprisingly, most of the women said they rarely combed hair. They just combing the hair after shampooing to avoid tangling.

Some even claim to have no comb at all. While the women who have perfect hair say that they often combing the hair using a comb made of natural fibers.

Tips 4: Let Dry Naturally

Heat can make hair shiny, healthy, and strong to be damaged.

Most women with perfect hair say they prefer to let their hair to dry naturally.

Therefore if you want to have perfect hair, let your hair dry naturally wet.

Tips 5: Cut Hair Regularly

The easiest way to get rid of hair branching, of course with the cut.

Iniah possible reason why women with perfect hair has no split ends.

Most of their hair cut regularly every three months, or even have a hair cut every six weeks.

If it can not always go to the salon, then you can cut it yourself at home.

Tips 6: Hair Coloring Only When Necessary

Most women who have perfect hair say that they never dye their hair. Or if coloring, they very rarely do.

They do just hair coloring to cover gray hair or just add a little luster hair.

Tips 7: Healthy Diet and Eating Vitamins

A healthy diet rich in vitamins and nutrients will make your hair beautiful. At least that's what most of the women who have perfect hair.

Eat a healthy diet means eating more organic foods and less meat.

If you want perfect hair, many are eating vegetables, calcium serves to strengthen the hair, and fish oil can make hair berkialu because they contain lots of omega 3.

In addition, taking a daily multivitamin can help keep the hair and keep your body healthy and strong.

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